domingo, 10 de janeiro de 2010

Zacarias Square

The place once known as "Largo da Ponte", was due to a wood bridge of planks over the then great Ivo river. Over time, the river began to exhale stench, determining its channeling.

The square was paved, gardens were built and it received in 1870 a beautiful fountain, which served to collect water by slaves of wealthy families. The fountain was a landmark in the city, representing an improvement of life quality for the population of Curitiba. The site came to be called "Largo da Fonte" (Fountain Square), until it received its current name, Zacharias Square, after the first president of the province of Curitiba, Zacarias de Goes e Vasconcellos.

Source: Book "Ruas e histórias de Curitiba" of Valério Hoerner Júnior. "Artes e Textos" publisher. Curitiba, 2002.

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