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Southwest view of Curitiba from the observatory

At this direction, the observatory gives us the view of the following districts: Campina do Siqueira, Campo Comprido, Mossungue and Seminario.

The name of the district Campina do Siqueira is the result of combining two distinct historical facts, that the time undertook to relate. Campina (meadow), depicts the geographical aspect of the region from which stretched a beautiful plain covered by vegetation. The second part of the name comes from Antonio Sebastião Siqueira, a Portuguese immigrant who arrived here in the early nineteenth century.

The origins of the Campo Comprido brings us back to the time of the Portuguese empire allotments. The lands of the current quarter would be included in the former allotment of Baltazar Carrasco dos Reis, 29 June 1661. The occupation of the region is subject to the creation of the neighboring colonies of Orleans, Santo Inácio, Dom Augusto, Rivière and Dom Pedro, in 1876.

The Mossunguê as well as their neighborhoods - Campina do Siqueira, Orleans, Campo Comprido, Santo Inácio and Bigorrilho - came along the old path of Mato Grosso (current BR-277). The intense mineral exploration along this road contributed to the establishment of numerous warehouses, which served as warehouses for travelers, drovers and the first residents of the region, the first families who came from Italy.

The name Seminário (seminar) has its origin in the fact of there being located the old Boarding School Seminar, whose cornerstone was laid in 1877 with the presence of Bishop José de Camargo Barros, now called College Paranaense.

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