domingo, 3 de janeiro de 2010

The Cable Car of XV de Novembro Street

The cable car ("Bondinho"), one of the landmarks of XV de Novembro Street or the Flower Street, the heart of Curitiba, was installed in October 1973. Since then, it has hosted an area of recreational activities and art for children from three to ten years old, under the responsibility of the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba.

In 2005, after a year and a half of no activities, the trolley went through some reforms in commemoration of the then 312 years of Curitiba.

Unfortunatly since November 2008, cultural activities and recreation in the cable car were discontinued due to lack of space, according to a spokesperson of the Cultural Foundation. The classes of painting on paper were transferred to the Public Promenade.

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  1. A great capture of the historic cable car - a beauty! I like the new header photo on your blog! Happy New Year from EAGAN daily photo