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José Maria Santos Theater

Built in 1890, it housed up to 1956 the knitting factoring of Hoffmann family. Renovated in 1970 and undermined by a fire in 1980, the building reopened in 1981 as a Samba Factory and in 1982 as theater. It was named Classe theater and later Treze de Maio theater. Protected by its historical interest for the municipality in 1988 and seized in 1989, it has been reformed and reopened with the current name.
Source: Fundação Cultural de Curitiba

Jose Maria Santos was born in Guarapuava on 12 December 1933, but he preferred to say to everyone that he Lapeano since he moved to Lapa with his family very young.

Already in Curitiba in 1958, he founded the Dramatic Independent Cia. In 1971, after a presentation of "Lá", at CEFET, he offers himself to the director to create a theater group with students of that institution. In this school, he remains until his death on January 3, 1990.

He was the first and only actor of Paraná to receive a national award of cinema without ever having left the Paraná. He received the "Kikito de Ouro" for best supporting actor at Gramado Festival for his role in the movie "Aleluia Gretchen" of Silvio Back.

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