sexta-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2010

José Bonifácio Street

It wouldn't be foolhardy to claim that the Jose Bonifacio Street was the first trace of the current design of the city of Curitiba. Next to the chapel of Nossa Senhora da Luz (The Basílica Cathedral) the street widened due to the houses that rose on both sides. Its extension is the same until today, since both churches (The Ordem Church and the Basílica Cathedral) in each extreme of the street still exist. This street was known as "Fechada" (or Closed) due to the construction of the a new church right on the street, preventing the free traffic, once the old chapel was demolished, . The current name was given in 1886, in memory of the Patriarch of the Independence: José Bonifácio.
Main source: Book "Ruas e histórias de Curitiba" by Valério Hoerner Júnior. Artes e Textos Publisher. Curitiba, 2002

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  1. muito interessante, ainda bem que estes vestígios históricos são preservados.