quarta-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2010

The Mignon Bar and The Triângulo Bar

The Mignon Bar occupies the current address since 1946 and it is a traditional meeting point of Curitiba. Among its culinary options, we can find is the "pork with green sandwich (Pernil com verde)", which recipe comes from the founding family, brought directly from Calabria and never revealed.

The Tiângulo Bar was opened in 1934. Its'popular name is Hot Dog, due to its peculiar light sign. The triangle of neon, with the dog in the center, continues to illuminate the façade of the bohemian curitibanas nights.

From the tables of both bars at the Flower street (Calçadão), you can have a good cold beer with friends, have a snack and watch the crowd up and down the street.

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