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South view of Curitiba from the observatory

Finishing the views of the districts of Curitiba from the observatory, the south view shows the following districts: Agua Verde, Batel, Bigorrilho and Vila Izabel.

The algae that used to give a greenish tinge to fresh water, took the ancient inhabitants of the region to name the river that cut their farms the name "Água Verde“ (Green Water).The first name of the region, "Colonia Dantas”, was due to the fact that there resides in the last century, many Italian families.

There are two versions for the origin of the name of the neighborhood Batel: the first is linked to the fact that a family known for Batel resides on that region. The other version dates back to a traditional religious festival, where once, a small boat (Batel) sunk.

The term that most closely matches the name of this district is Bigorrilha due to the owner of a brothel. The everyday language of the residents have "masculinized" the term, arising the Bigorrilho name. Some argues that the district was named Bigorrilho due to a Ukrainian called Bigorela.

Vila Izabel district was previously formed by an extensive forest that was frequented by hunters and fishermen. Over time, the inhabitants transformed the forest in a large crop of corn, beans, rice and other cereals. The business conducted by travelers has caused a significant development of this neighborhood.

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