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Luiz Xavier - The shortest avenue of the world

Luiz Antônio Xavier was born in Curitiba on December 21, 1856. He was the first elected mayor of Curitiba and he was extremely popular and accessible.

Under his administration, Luiz Xavier has endowed Curitiba with paving, gardening and made an important contribution to the development of water services and sanitation. He ordered the alignment of XV de Novembro street and Osorio Square, transforming a moor into an usable and integrated space.

At this spot, the road became wider, thus unintentionally; he had created the shortest avenue in the world. Still in life, Luiz Xavier saw this avenue been named in his honor, but by an act of pure flattery, the name Luiz Xavier was evicted to please the then president Getúlio Vargas, and thus, for almost twenty years, the street was named João Pessoa.

Only after the death of Vargas (in 1954), the road reverts to its original and fair name: Luiz Xavier, but unfortunately, he didn’t witnessed this fact, since he died in 1933.

Source: Book "Ruas e histórias de Curitiba" by Valério Hoerner Júnior. “Artes e Textos” publisher. Curitiba, 2002.

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