terça-feira, 6 de abril de 2010

The trees of Curitiba and its flowery carpets

The main daily newspaper of Parana, The "Gazeta do Povo" (Gazette of the People), founded in 03.02.1919, brought together 50 persons born or settled in Curitiba on the occasion of 317 years of Curitiba to define in group the 50 reasons to love, appreciate and to be proud of the city.
The second item concerns the Ipê Trees (Tabebuia) that line the streets with a carpet of flowers.
Last weekend, I was going down the Itupava street, when I noticed on the corner of Rua Mayor Angelo Lopes, a tall tree of intense pink flowers, which base and surrounding areas were covered with these flowers. I thought it was an Ipe (since there are yellow and purple Ipês, I thought there would be a Rose Ipê). Doing a quick research at the internet, I noticed that there are plenty of trees planted by the Prefecture of Curitiba, which produce flowers. Due to the appearance of the flower, this tree belongs to the family of the Jacarandas.
So one reason to love, enjoy and to be proud of Curitiba is not the only the Ipês, but all trees in Curitiba, which provide us a fantastic scenery like the one in this photo.

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