quarta-feira, 7 de abril de 2010

Autumn, Cold, Rain and Gloom!

I have noticed the girl inside a bus of the metropolitan region of Curitiba on a cold and rainy evening, with a look so introspective, and I could not resist taking her picture.

Another reason to be cast as one of the 50 Reasons to Love Curitiba is the fame of that unwelcome and cold attitude that the Curitibanos (born here or not) have. Some argue that it is not a matter of an unwelcome attitude, but a matter of seriousness and education.

Who lives in Curitiba know that when someone say "come to visit me at home!" actually means "I like you, but if you want to meet me, please call me first" and if the answer is "You bet I will show up," means "I will call you whenever I get a break". What would be the reason for this alleged unwelcomeness? Is it due to the cold weather? Due to the European colonization? Whatever may be the reason, this respect for self individuality and the individuality of the others, in my opinion is fantastic. Moreover, once a link is established, this friendship is for life and this person will always be there for you.

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