quinta-feira, 22 de abril de 2010

A tourist taking a picture of Rosário Church's tower

The photo shows a tourist photographing the tower of the Rosário Church, on a Sunday morning. The day was beautiful and the church was well lit, I think the picture must have been good.

In four years, the number of visitors in Curitiba grew 36%, from 2,235,378 tourists in 2005 to 3,029,950 in 2008. The mark will be exceeded in 2009, after the Municipal Office of Tourism has finished tabulating all the data from last year. This number represents almost 30% of total visitors that the state receives each year. "In recent years, Curitiba has won excellent tourist areas, which need to be explored by visitors who come here," said former Mayor Beto Richa. "Today the city appears as one of the most popular destinations in the country, with strong growth in business tourism, cultural and sports," added Richa. To reach the current levels, the first initiative of the Municipality of Curitiba was to create in May 2005, the Municipal Tourism Office, which function is to develop, plan and direct actions aimed at developing tourism in Curitiba.

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  1. And everyone of those tourist probably took a few hundred photos of your city!

  2. Photographing the photographer- I like it.