segunda-feira, 12 de abril de 2010

Los 3 Inimigos de los vándalos

The city of Curitiba launched a campaign against vandalism on public transport using the cartoons of Tiago Recchia and his "Los 3 Inimigos” (The 3 Enemies). The organizers believe that humor can be much more effective language than a formal message. "Los 3 Inimigos" are very popular in Curitiba and it is expected that they reach especially the soccer fans, among which the vandals are common.

Tiago Recchia was born in Tubarão (SC), passed through Porto Alegre, Curitiba, Cascavel and back to Curitiba when he was 16 already as a cartoonist for a local newspaper. He is cartoonist of the “Gazeta do Povo” since 2005. "Los 3 Inimigos” represents three fans of the three main soccer teams of Curitiba (Atlético, Coritiba and Paraná) which was inspired by the movie "Three Amigos" by John Landis and also by the cartoon "Los 3 Amigos" by Angeli, Glauco and Laertes.

It is important to mention that "Los 3 Inimigos" do not speak Spanish but a mix of Portuguese and Spanish.

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