domingo, 11 de abril de 2010

She is ignoring him.

In the courtyard of the sculptures of MON (Oscar Niemeyer Museum) in Curitiba, various works are permanently exposed, where you can walk around and interact with them.
The sculpture of the image (I need to confirm this information) is by Bruno Giorgi, born in 1905 at Mococa (SP). He moved with his family to Italy, where he began his studies in the arts. Arrested for political reasons, he was extradited in 1935 to Brazil. Living in Sao Paulo in 1939, Bruno Giorgi met the artists of the Brazilian Modernist Movement. In 1943 he moved to Rio de Janeiro, installing his studio, where he guides young artists. He has several works in public spaces throughout Brazil. He died in Rio de Janeiro in 1993.
The little buddy and his father, authorized the publication of the photo with the sculpture by Bruno Giorgi. The female figure sculpture seems to be ignoring or bored with the presence of the boy.

3 comentários:

  1. This is cute, and great use of space!

  2. I like this one.A bit different and a quality portrait.

  3. nossa, este museu deve ser muito interessante; adorei a foto, muito fofa!