sexta-feira, 2 de abril de 2010

Theater Festival of Curitiba

In the photo, taken from the top of the bus line tourism, a detail of the Paiol Theater.

And speaking of theater, held in Curitiba between 16 and 28 March, the Theater Festival of Curitiba, which ended its 19th edition. The numbers, according to a survey of the organization of the event were very positive, with over 1,700 performances in more than 400 shows. The total audience, adding all its events, reached 180 thousand people. The Festival makes the city breathe theater, occupying all the conventional and unconventional spaces of Curitiba.

From the website of the Festival, I got the following information about its history. The Festival of Curitiba, which had its first edition in 1992, meets during the month of March, cultural attractions across the country. Since then, more than 1.5 million people already have attended more than three thousand shows. In addition, the festival promotes courses, lectures, workshops, or cultural events from many different genera. Thus, the Curitiba Festival represents an overview of the cultural productions that take place in the country, and shows a broad framework of national contemporary artistic productions. Throughout Brazil and even from abroad, professionals carry out projects related to art exposing the diversity of activities in different events form a lineup filled with creativity and rich in quality.

Throughout the city the local traditional culture, theater and entertainment break the spotlight using unusual spaces such as: squares, bars, sheds, streets and avenues that surprise the audience. The Festival of Curitiba, which is in its 19th edition, is a reference and is part of the Brazilian cultural scene.

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