sexta-feira, 9 de abril de 2010

The blind singers of the Alto da XV Distric's open market

Almost every Saturday morning, I go to the Alto da XV District's open market, in search of fresh fruits and vegetables, bread, egg, pastries and simply walk around the fair, where a variety of people and situations are always present.

Near my favorite tent of pastry, a couple of blind singers sit in their stools, and accompanied by a guitar and tambourine, sing typical redneck songs. The poster they settle down on the ground carefully before starting the singing, contains the following sentence: "The sun shines for everyone, but we can not see it. God bless you." This poster reminded me of a story told by a speaker at some corporate event, that says more or less as follows:

There was a blind man sitting on a sidewalk in Paris with one cap to his feet and one written piece of wood with white chalk, "Please help me, I'm blind." One advertiser that was passing in front of him, stopped and saw a few coins in the hat. Without asking permission, took the sign, turned it over, took the chalk and wrote another announcement. He put the piece of wood back where it was and left. At dusk, the advertiser has moved back in front of the blind man who was begging alms. His cap was now full of money. The blind man recognized the footsteps of the publicist and asked if it was he who had rewritten the poster, especially wondering what he had written. The publicist replied: "Nothing that is not in accordance with your previous sentence, but with other words." And, smiling, went on his way. The new written sentence is: "Today it is springtime in Paris, but I can not see it. " Whenever we change our strategy is good when nothing happens to us.

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