domingo, 25 de abril de 2010


A bonsai should be an artistic replica of a natural tree in miniature. Must simulate the growth patterns and the effects of gravity on the branches, besides the marks of time and general structure of the branches. Essentially it is a work of art produced by man through specialized care.

Despite the strong association between the cultivation of bonsai and Japanese culture, the Chinese were actually the first to cultivate trees and shrubs in ceramic pots. There is evidence that as early as 200 AD the Chinese grew potted plants (better known as Penjing) as the practice of the activity of gardening.
As the Japanese colony in Curitiba is large, certainly people and companies specializing in Ikebana and Bonsai are easy to find, like this man who sells bonsai at the Largo da Ordem Crafts Fair.

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  1. My mother is a big fan of bonsai trees. I guess it's more than a hobby for this man.

  2. também sou fã de bonsai. uma vez ganhei um de presente, mas depois de uma reforma na minha casa ele não resistiu, não sei se foi o odor de tinta ou o quê... quero muito comprar outro.