terça-feira, 13 de abril de 2010

A Au-Au with two Vinas, please!

If we were to elect the most traditional sandwich of Curitiba, I believe the hot dog of the Au-Au would be the winner. It started with a cart at Al Dr. Carlos de Carvalho, where the main store is located (see photo) and now it has 11 stores in Curitiba, two on the coast of Paraná and one in Sao Jose dos Pinhais.

The Au-Au could not be simpler: bread, Vina, mayonnaise, salad (someone explained me that there is a strict ratio of tomato, onion and chili), more mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard. The secret? There is no softer bread in Curitiba. You can order your Au-Au accommodated inside the store, at the stands in the street or from your car.

Forget all the other options, ask for the simple or double Au-Au to understand why this hot dog was elected for 10 consecutive years the best of Curitiba.

And quoting another of the 50 Reasons to Love Curitiba, some words are characteristic of Curitiba, such as PENAL (small pouch to hold pencils and pens), PIA (boy), MIMOSA (Tangerine) and since we are tlaking about the Au-Au, VINA (sausage).

And if you want to know the origin of the term VINA, legend says that the most consumed sausage among the German immigrants was the Viennese or in German "Wiener Würstchen". The pronunciation of the first word (Wiener) in "portuguese" is VINA! That's it! If it is not true, at least it is very convincing!

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