segunda-feira, 1 de fevereiro de 2010

Theme day: Wood

Yesterday I took my wife to the Iguaçú Park Cemetery in Curitiba, so she could take flowers to her father's grave. It would be his 65th birthday. The place is very quiet and full of beautiful trees and wooden benches, where I imagine, people can sit and for a moment and remember their time with their loved ones that are already gone.

The empty wooden bench under a tree in this picture, caught my attention and I started thinking of the people who might have sat there and their stories.

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2 comentários:

  1. A tree and wooden bench for memories. A nice addition to the theme day.

    Three Rivers Daily Photo

  2. what a bittersweet post. It's sad your father-in-law is no longer here. 65 is relatively young, these days.

    that is a gorgeous, full tree. I can see sitting there and reflecting on life, too.