sexta-feira, 5 de fevereiro de 2010

Cândido de Abreu Avenue

Cândido de Abreu was born on 02 agosto 1855. His name was given to a stretch of the old road of Graciosa, which starts at 19 de Dezembro Square and ends at the Iguaçú Palace. Cândido de Abreu was mayor of Curitiba twice. In his second term in 1912, he obtained a substantial loan, applying it in durable works such as the City Hall building (now the Paço da Liberdade at Generoso Marques Square) and many squares and gardens. Under his administration the streets of the city were re-aligned and the wiring for the trams were planned. The Passeio Público got the structure and design that we can appreciate until today. He was also a federal deputy and senator. He died in 1919 and he is considered the first urbanist of Paraná.

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  1. looks very sunny there and clean.
    That there was an urbanist in Curitiba so long ago must have had a huge affect on the city?