terça-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2010

Julio Moreira Gallery - TUC

The Julio Moreira Gallery was built in 1976, links the Rua Jose Bonifacio to the Largo da Ordem in Curitiba. It is an underground done to protect pedestrians from the traffic of the Nestor de Castro street. Its names was given in honor of the researcher and historian Julio Estrella Moreira.

It has commercial spots and cultural events, such as news stands, snack bars and the University Theater of Curitiba (the TUC).

The TUC, which was opened in 1978, houses for 22 years on Sundays a traditional meeting point for singers and musicians of country music in Curitiba named "Canja de Viola" (admission is free). It also plays an important role to disseminate and encourage new local bands. After a renovation in 2008, the theater expanded its capacity and comfort to the visitors.

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