quarta-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2010

Alemão Bar - Schwarzwald

The Alemão Bar or the Schwarzwald, one of the most traditional and well attended bar of Curitiba, is located at the Largo da Ordem and was opened in 1979. The most traditional drink of the bar is the "submarine", which is made of a dose of Steinhäger served in a cute tiny mug submerged in a pot of beer (hence the name submarine). Invariably people "steal" the mug as a souvenir, to find out later at the bottom of the tiny mug the phrase: "This mug was stolen honestly."

A famous snack called "Carne de Onça" (Beef of Jaguar) is served there. It is composed of a slice of dark bread with a portion of super spiced raw minced meat on top. Unlike the name, it is not made of Jaguar meat, but with a good piece of beef. The name was given because the meat is so temperate that those who eats it, ends up with a " bad breath of a Jaguar".

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