sábado, 6 de fevereiro de 2010

Secretary of State for Culture of Paraná

Construction of 1904, thisbuilding was the former seat of Gymnasio Paranaense. At this address in Curitiba, circulated generations of students. The current headquarters of the Secretariat of State for Culture, includes the Casa Andrade Muricy. The whole set of buildings is protetect by historical heritage.

On June 18, 1979 it was created by the Government of Paraná the State Secretariat of Culture and Sports, being installed in the building of the old Gymnasio Paranaense. Initially introduced in order to coordinate and promote activities relating to the areas of culture and amateur sports. Later, changes its name to the Secretary of State for Culture - SEEC. This year the Department of Culture has completed 30 years.

4 comentários:

  1. It's a handsome building! And I love how its flanked by those two gorgeous trees too.

  2. wow, what a building? I like the cheery yellow color.

  3. Hi Hilda, Kitty and Gunn. Tks for your comments. The entire block where this building is located, is dedicated to the Secretariat of Culture of Parana. There are three different buildings, all very beautiful and historical.