domingo, 14 de fevereiro de 2010

Carnival in Curitiba?

Carnival in Curitiba is a unanimity: everyone loves on behalf of the four days off (or four and a half days). But the Carnival here is not the same thing when compared with other cities or states. Samba in the foot, Maracatu, Axé-Music and Frevo, I would not say this is the soundtrack of all Curitibanos, many simply abhor all of it.

In the majority opinion of those who lives in Curitiba, the Carnival (as seen in other cities) over here is simply a HORROR and therefore, it seems fair that the Zombie Walk takes place right in the middle of carnivel time! See the call I found in the blog "Young Nerd":

"In this carnival, no feathers, sequins and carnival marching just like in your grandmother`s time! In Curitiba, the babble of always is going to be replaced by blood and brains! It is the fifth edition of the Zombie Walk in the city, which will drag the living dead by the streets of Curitiba, on February 14. The concentration starts at 2pm at Boca Maldita, with scheduled departure 4pm to the ruins of San Francisco at the Largo da Ordem. After arriving at the Largo da Ordem, four bands will be playing horror punk and psycobilly. "

So if you want big carnival balls, big parades of the samba school, beautiful mulatto teaching how dance the samba, run away from Curitiba, because here you will not find any of that!

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