quarta-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2010


I would not say that Bud is properly a landscape of Curitiba, but eventually you can see him walking around Curitiba, especially if are at the districts of Jardin Social and Bacacheri. I wish more people could see him, for example, in the great lawn behind the Museum of the Eye, where many, many dog owners of different races can hold his companions to a race freely and interact with other dogs. But with Bud that would be very complicated, I think that if we let him go in such a place, he would disappear in the world!

Bud is a 7 years old Golden Retriever and he is the most docile dog in the world. Loves to take walks, destroying our garden and whenever he can, chew our carpets, but he is a great buddy. If you have room at home and want a smart dog and totally tame (I heard that if a thief break into the yard, he would gladly carries the torch for him), a Golden is the right choice!

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