domingo, 18 de outubro de 2009

The Ordem Church

Built in 1737, The Ordem is the oldest Church in Curitiba. In 1880, right before the visit of Dom Pedro II the emperor, the first restoration of the church was promoted.

Several reforms decharacterized its architectural lines, originally colonial, giving it undefined characteristcs, with a tower that could be an example of Moorish style according to some, or Gothic, according to others.

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  1. Hi Steffe!

    Would you beleive if I tell you that it was authorized by The Prefecture?
    The authors are two brothers very famous around the world for their art. Their names are Gustavo Pandolfo and Otavio Pandolfo. Their job is amazing (you can find it easily in the internet). But you are right, this grafitti is not so good as it could be expected, specially next to a church!