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Dalton Trevisan - The Vampire of Curitiba

Born on June 14, 1925, in Curitiba, Dalton Jérson Trevisan has always been enigmatic. Before reaching the public in general, he used to launch his stories in very modest handouts. In 1945 he made his debut with a book of unusual quality, "Sonata ao Luar", and in the following year, he published "Sete Anos de Pastor". Dalton denies both. He states not to have even one copy of these two books.

In 1959 he published the book "Novelas Nada Exemplares" - bringing together a production of two decades. Due to this book he won the Jabuti Prize from Brazilian Book Chamber (he has never shown up to take the prize).

Dalton Trevisan has written several other books awarded nationally. His books have been translated into several languages: Spanish, English, German, Italian, Polish and Swedish. In 1996, he received the Ministry of Culture Prize for Literature for his body of work.

But Trevisan still refuses fame. He creates an atmosphere of suspense around his name which turns him into an enigmatic character. Nobody knows his phone number, signs only "D. Trevis", he does not give interviews and not receive visits, even from famous artists.

He has got so cloistered at home that earned the nickname "The Vampire of Curitiba," title of one of his books. In 2003, he has shared with Bernardo Carvalho the highest literary award in the country - the 1st Portugal Telecom of Brazilian Literature Prize - with the book "Pico na Veia".

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  1. I will have see if I can find one of his books at a local library.