domingo, 4 de outubro de 2009

German Immigration to Curitiba

The German immigrants started to come to Curitiba from 1833 and mainly after the First World War in the 1920s. They strongly influenced the culture and the local economy. Many houses, some still existing in the neighborhood of São Francisco District, were built by Germans. To preserve the Germanic culture, immigrants organized themselves into Teuto-Brazilian societies, such as Concordia Club, Rio Branco Club, Duque de Caxias Club, Thalia Club and Graciosa Country Club.

The German Woods is a Memorial in honor of the German immigrants who came to Curitiba. It was opened in 1996 and has 38.000 m². It is full of attractions such as an old Presbyterian Church that was used to install the Oratorio Bach; the Tower of the Philosophers with its 20 meters, which offers a panoramic view of Curitiba. Descending the tower, you will find the Trail of John and Mary, who cuts the native forest. In this trail, the tale of the Grim`s Brothers is shown. The verses of the story are painted on tiles along the route. Kids will love The House of the Witch in the Woods, where they will find a library of children's stories and where in the weekends an artist dressed as a witch tells them stories.

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