segunda-feira, 12 de outubro de 2009

Children's Day

Today it is children's day. What a pity that today in Curitiba it is raining cats and dogs! Therefore all the activities planned for children in the parks must have been significantly impaired.

But a kid is a kid and there is no stormy weather for them. At a mall of the city, a pool was set at the lobby and up to five children in kind of bubble are able to walk and roll on the water. I've heard one of them saying that he felt like a hamster. Fun guaranteed!

5 comentários:

  1. Awesome idea! If I were a kid I would love doing this. Looks like fun!!

  2. hey, I want to try that! Is there an age limit?!

  3. Oi! Que legal ver mais um blog brasileiro no CDP! Se quiser visite o meu de Floripa
    Este brinquedo também está aqui pelos nosso shoppings, eu achei bem divertido mas acho que ficaria meio claustrofóbica dentro dessas bolas hehe