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Eufrasio Correia Square

The name of this square evokes the parnanguara Eufrásio Manoel Correia, graduated in Law in Recife, prosecutor, provincial deputy and chairman of the city hall.

After the construction of the Railway Station, the Eufrásio Correia Square becomes the most important point of the city. The inauguration of the railway in 1885, linking Curitiba to Paranagua port, determined the transformation of the Station Area, which have been occupied by industrial and export trade companies.

Due to the movement of passengers, the square becomes the main meeting point of the city at that time.

During the management of Cândido de Abreu as governor of Paraná, in the last decade of the nineteenth century, the "Station Square" establishes itself as the new political and commercial center of Curitiba.

The development of road transportation, the transfer of the City Hall to the Civic Center and, finally, the construction on another site of the Road-rail Station, were the factors that marked the end of the polarizing role of the Eufrásio Correia Square.


The text above does not say, but today the City Council of Curitiba is also part of the square. The photos show groups of teens occupying the square on weekends. Clumping occurs because the Estação Mall is next to the square. The presence of a group of cops at the corner of square, indicates that some safety issues have occurred in this place.

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