domingo, 8 de novembro de 2009

Tiradentes Square as time goes by

The Tiradentes square is the oldest one in town. It was originally known as Largo da Matriz, which hosts the small chapel around which developed the Village that in the future would be called Curitiba.

At the same site of the old chapel is now the Metropolitan Cathedral of Curitiba. In 1880, when the Emperor's visited Curitiba, the Square changed its name to Largo Dom Pedro II and it again changed its name to Tiradentes Square in 1889 (right after the Republic Proclamation).

The above photos, 55 years apart from each other, show the same angle of Tiradentes Square.

Notice in the foreground of the 1954 photo, the elegantly dressed young man reading a newspaper is my dad, at the time he came to Curitiba in order to attend a course of practice in pharmacy.

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