terça-feira, 17 de novembro de 2009

Curitiba's Flower Street Characters 1

The Flower Street (Rua das Flores) is a special place to walk in Curitiba. In addition to its historical value, comfort for pedestrians due to the car traffic prohibition and the variety of trade, the people and situations that suddenly arise are very interesting.

I will start a new series with the characters that can be found on its sidewalk. The photos were taken with my camera, but the photographer of this series is my son, Diogo. In one single day he captured all these candid photos. Imagine what can be seen by those who passes by every day. It is a stage in open air.

In the first picture we will find one of the many musicians who use the Flower Street as their stage. He is from Peru or Colombia and he is playing their typical music.

As far as I remember, blind accordion players are a constant at Flower Street and the guy in the second picture is one of them. You would be impressed by their technical quality. I remember one of them that used to play tango very well. It was a pleasure stop by and enjoy the performance.

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  1. Lindas suas fotos! A diversidade cultural de Curitiba é muito legal.. alias de todo o Brasil né?

  2. Oi Paula. Obrigado pela visita. Sim, a diversidade é que faz do Brasil uma terra tão interessante. Você é de Londrina? Eu sou de Mandaguari. Quase vizinhos. Pés vermelhos!

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  4. How nice to come across your blog here of Curitiba! My husband and I also live here (since '02) and I love this "Flower Street"...it has such personality.