segunda-feira, 2 de novembro de 2009

All soul`s day

Today is All Souls' day and it is very difficult to get access to the cemeteries of Curitiba. For florists, along with Valentine's Day and Mother's Day, today is the day to sell lots of flowers.

The cemetery of the picture is Iguaçú Park Cemetery, near Barigui Park. There are no graves, but only the lawn signs indicating where loved ones were buried. The place is quite nice, due to the diversity of trees and vegetation, passing a tranquility mood for visitors.

The All Souls 'Day or Day of the Dead is celebrated by the Catholic Church on November 2nd, just after the day of All Saints. Since the second century, Christians used to pray for the dead and visit the graves of the martyrs. In the fifth century, the church dedicated a day of the year to pray for all the dead, whom no one prayed for and which no one remembered. Since the eleventh century the popes Sylvester II (1009), John XVII (1009) and Leo IX (1015) require the community to dedicate one day to the dead. Since 18th century that day is celebrated on November 2nd because November 1st is the Feast of All Saints.

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