segunda-feira, 30 de novembro de 2009

Palacete Wolf

The Palacete Wolf was built in 1867 under request of the Austrian Joseph Wolf and his son Fredolin. The Wolf family never lived at this house, that housed along the time a Mason Lodge, an art school, the headquarters of the Police Corps during the Federalist Revolution and the prefecture of Curitiba in 1912/13. Became a residence during the decade of 1950 and Braun Bookstore between 1958 and early '70s, when the city bought the house.

Restored, it became in 1975 the headquarter of the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba (which has moved to the Moinho Rebouças recently). Nowadays it is a space dedicated to literature and reading. Located at Garibaldi Square, in the historic disctrict of Curitiba, it is the home to the traditional Dario Vellozo Bookstore, the Poet fair, and offers creative writing workshops, seminars and literature courses.

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