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Prefecture of Curitiba

The current headquarters of the Curitiba Prefecture in the Civic Center, was designed by Rubens Meister to replace the old one at Generoso Marques square (The Paço da Liberdade).

Inaugurated on November 14th, 1969, joined the Prefecture of Curitiba to the Civic Center complex.

Some technical data of Curitiba:
Area: 430.9 km²
Population: 1,797,408 (estimate IBGE/2007)
Disctricts: 75
Green area per capita: 51 m²
North-South Extension: 35 km
East-West Extension: 20 km
Average Altitude: 934.6 m
Latitude: 25 º 25'48''South
Longitude: 49 º 16'15''West
Climate: Temperate
Rainfall: 1500 mm / year
Average temperature (summer): 21 º C
Average temperature (winter): 13 º C

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