segunda-feira, 16 de novembro de 2009

Batel Soho

Ok! The name can cause temper tantrums, since the Espanha square, which is the center of the event, is not located at Batel district (but at Bigorrilho district) and SoHo means South of Houston Street, a New York district famous for its architecture, culture, food and shopping. But what happens every Saturday around these blocks is pretty cool.

The square receives, with the support of the prefecture of Curitiba and the Merchants Association of the Region of Espanha square, an antiques fair (small but charming) and concerts that range from week to week. Painting for the children; free yoga classes; and many other attractions. All surrounded by good restaurants, shops, chocolate boutiques, coffee shops, bakery and one of the best ice cream in Curitiba. Not to be missed!

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