quarta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2009

The Free University for the Environment of Curitiba

The Free University for the Environment seeks to raise awareness of environmental protection as a survival factor. It was created on June 15, 1991, in the woods Gutiérrez, and transferred in 1992 to the current space (Zaninelli woods).

Creating this Free University, the city of Curitiba sought to maintain an area of research and knowledge transfer, related to the environment and ecology to the population and have since maintained regular courses.

The construction of modern architecture, called Jaques Custeau Pabellón, has 874 m2 and was made with rustic materials, such as old eucalyptus trunks of electricity poles. It has a spiral shaped ramp of 22 meters, which allows a panoramic view of the artificial lake and the entire site. It also houses the Center for Environmental Studies.

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