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Northeast view of Curitiba from the observatory

In this direction, we can observe the following neighborhoods: Ahu, Bom retiro, Centro Cívico and São Lourenço.

The Ahu is a neighborhood with about 10mil people. In it are located the ruins of the Ahu Penitentiary. The building, built in 1896, housed the judicial hospice since 1903. In January 1909, it became a prison to replace the old jail. In an agreement signed in early 2009 by the governor of Paraná, Roberto Requião and President of the Court, Judge Carlos Augusto Hoffman, was formalized the purchase of this land, where a park and the future Judicial Center will be built.

The name of the Bom Retiro disctrict, was originated in a sanatorium, opened in 1946, on the ground donated by Lins de Vasconcelos. The Bom Retiro sanatorium was transferred to Nilo Peçanha street, its address until today, the main street of the district. Around these entities, the neighborhood began to expand significantly in population and development.

The Centro Cívico district began to emerge during the '40s, when the French urban planner Alfred Agache, proposed a new Urban Plan of Curitiba, creating a Civic Center. Agache Plan envisaged the Civic Center as "a square of special features of buildings to senior State government agencies”. In 1951, its construction has begun. In 1953, the then governor of Paraná, Bento Munhoz da Rocha Neto, inaugurated the Civic Center and in 1968, the district officially received its current name.

The first people that arrived in the region where today is located in the district of São Lourenço, were the Portuguese. The name came in honor of the Catholic saint, San Lorenzo de Huesca. Due to the constant flooding that occurred in the region, it was inaugurated in 1972 the São Lourenço Park, which offers entertainment to the people and a center of creativity and culture. In this district, besides the São Lourenço park, we can find the Santa Maria school, the Wire Opera House and the Paulo Leminski Quarry.

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  1. Considering the whole city, Curitiba has almost 1.798.000 inhabitants.