quinta-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2009

The Crow

Much has been and is being done in Curitiba in terms of reforms and restoration of architectural heritage. But we will always find some buildings in the city which has obvious historical value and needs to be reformed or revitalized.

For years I've been seen a two-story building in the corner of Carlos Cavalcanti street with Duque de Caxias street, which always struck me by its beauty. Long ago, people still lived there (maybe it explains the reason why it is almost a ruin), but nowadays it seems to be uninhabited. We can even see some supporters holding the top floor balcony.

I could not find on the Internet, any information about this building, so I do not know if there is any restoration plan or destination for it.

I enjoyed very much the image of a crow printed on the side facade of the building. The sinister figure emphasizes the abandonment of the building.

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