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North view of Curitiba from the observatory

To the north, the districts of Pilarzinho (home of radio and TV from Curitiba), São João; Taboão, and Vista Alegre can be observed.

Former region of German immigrants farms, it is now home to some of the most important tourist spots of Curitiba, such as the Wire Opera House, Paulo Leminski quarry, Tanguá/Tingüi parks and Ukrainian Memorial. It is a predominantly residential neighborhood, in accelerated phase of urban transformation. Due to Its altitude, that is where the majority of radio and television stations of Curitiba are located.

The São João district began with the occupation of the lands that formed the Santa Felicidade Cologne by Italian immigrants who came from Genoa in 1877. At that time, agriculture was the main activity of the settlers. Later, they developed cattle and chicken ranches.

The region of Taboão district is bounded by the neighborhoods and Abranches Pilarzinho and the City of AlmiranteTamandaré. This current definition is not the same that exists in historical records. In this region, opened the second oldest registry of Curitiba, the São Casemiro do Taboão Clerk that since May 12, 1891, has recorded the history of Curitiba.

The neighborhood, which sits atop a hill, owns its name due to the fact that a pioneer has built his home and on its façade he wrote "Vista Alegre". The well known property named the whole neighborhood. It is a district located less than 6 kilometers from downtown, with its European-style homes, witnessing the Italian, German and Polish colonization Italian. There is located the Bosque Alemão (German Woods).

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