domingo, 13 de dezembro de 2009

East view of Curitiba from the observatory

In this direction, the districts that are first displayed from the observatory are São Francisco, the Alto da Glória, Alto da XV and Hugo Lange.

At Alto da Gloria is located in the Couto Pereira Soccer Stadium, owned by Coritiba Foot Ball Club, unfortunately relegated to the second division of the Brazilian championship in 2010. The Alto da Glória district is endowed with a good socio-economic indicators and it is mostly residential, although it is well endowed with shopping, leisure and services. It is also located in this district the Nossa Senhora do Perpétuo Socorro Church, very traditional and popular in the city for their novenas. The first settlers were the family Leão, who built the first theater of Curitiba and the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Glória (which gave rise to the name of the neighborhood).

The Alto da Rua XV district has a wonderful viewpoint: the Plaza of Nations, which commands one of the most beautiful panoramas of the city. The population of the district Alto da Rua XV, mostly, is made up of descendants of European immigrants who, in ancient times, there were established to carry out the crops. A phenomenon more or less recent in this quarter is the concentration of restaurants and bars, giving life to the night life of this district.

The Itupava Road used to links Curitiba to the coast. This road passed through three quarters, among them the one which is now called Hugo Lange district. The name is a tribute to Hugo Lange, one of the oldest and dearest residents of this neighborhood. Until mid-twentieth century, the place was still considered far from "town". Its main street, Augusto Stresser concentrates several trades of high quality furniture.

The São Francisco district is one of the main sights of the city. In this neighborhood is located much of the historic section. Its name is closely linked to the history of the Church of the Third Order of São Francisco das Chagas. Apart from the main buildings and historic churches of Curitiba, in this neighborhood happens every Sunday Crafts Fair of the Largo da Ordem.

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