quinta-feira, 1 de julho de 2010

Theme day: Refletions

The picture shows a young couple enjoying a warm winter day in Curitiba at the MON. The weather in this period of the year is known in Curitiba as "Veranico" (something like little summer), which is a period of the winter time when the temperatures are nice enough to avoid heavy clothes.

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5 comentários:

  1. This is a beautiful photo! Very well done.

  2. Is that the floor or is it a pond? Whatever it is, it's a fantastic reflection!

  3. Thanks a lot for your visit.

    Hi Hilda! Regarding your question, there are two reasons for reflection. The granite floor is very bright and there is still a glass structure to allow visualization of the room that lies beneath that point.

  4. Wow, this is really nice and a good choice for this months theme day!:)