sábado, 10 de julho de 2010

The Diabolo Juggler

The picture shows another juggler of the streets of Curitiba, this one was at the corner of 13 de Maio and Barão do Cerro Azul Streets. The device he was using is a diabolo and the street sign seems to indicate the path that the object will follow.
Diabolo is an ancient toy from China, famous throughout the world, it can be considered an evolution of the Chinese yo-yo. It is made by joining two semi-spheres reversed, that should be handled and balanced by a cord driven by two sticks. With the diabolo, an experienced player can make hundreds of tricks.

2 comentários:

  1. I love this kind of street shots! Really nice.

  2. Great shot & Fantastic captured !!!
    for me to captured something moving is not easy. Good catch !