sexta-feira, 2 de julho de 2010

Brazil 1 x 2 Netherlands

Unfortunately our team fell against the Netherlands! It is the end of the World Cup for Brazil, our team did not know how to escape from a disadvantaged position in the second half, after a first half in which completely dominated the Netherlands' team.

Every brazilian will now seek someone to blame, starting with Dunga. At least, I did not end up with the bad impression of the last world cup (that was really a shame). I think our team did the best with the players that Dunga took to South Africa (if Dunga took the best players, that's another story).

Well, for now there is no other alternative but to shelve the banners, trash all vuvuzelas and wait for 2014 here in Brazil!

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  1. oi! tive a mesma impressão que vc, não me senti enganada como na Copa de 2006. Eu publiquei sobre isso no meu blog, se vc quiser dar uma olhadinha, fique a vontade!