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The commercial galleries of Curitiba: Suissa Gallery

I will start today a series about the commercial galleries of Curitiba downtown. For nearly 20 years I lived in downtown and it is virtually impossible to move through the city center without passing through, stop and get some product or service offered by these galleries, which may be considered without a shadow of doubt, the forerunners of the malls in Curitiba. The diversity of products and services is larger than in a mall, the space is democratic, the prices are competitive and compared to other street stores, it is safer.

There are dozens of galleries in Curitiba, but here I will address only those which is or were part of my life and my history, spaces where I have circulated on the way home from college, from my English school or from anywhere else.

These galleries were considered by the main newspaper of Curitiba (Gazeta do Povo), another among the “50 reasons to love Curitiba”.

Suissa Gallery.
The Suissa Gallery (Marechal Deodoro Street, 262), has electric supply store, restaurant, money exchange, tourism agency, computer shop, health and beauty products, clothes (men and women), electronics, jewelry, home and garden shop, office and school supplies, food, games.

Been a reference point for any resident in Curitiba, the Suissa Gallery was opened in October 12th, 1962, at that time known as Alberto Bolliger Gallery, serving only one store: The Casa Suissa, selling appliances, furniture, toys and electrical equipment. The store still remains in the gallery, selling electrical equipment under the administration of another family. The Bolliger family administrate gallery as a whole. Since 1977 the gallery was open to other stores.

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  1. This one looks like a perfect place to shop.

  2. Washington,
    felizmente descobri hoje, por acaso o seu blog.
    Você tem belas fotos de Curitiba, onde também vivi entre 1976 e 1999. Voltarei sempre.

  3. Hi Luis. Yes, it is great!

    Oi Aveloh. Então chegamos praticamente juntos em Curitiba. Por onde anda hoje em dia?

  4. Washington,
    Moro desde 1990 (vejo agora que errei em dez anos a data de minha saída de Curitiba, em meu comentário anterior) em Barão Geraldo, distrito de Campinas. Campinas é quase tão bonita quanto Curitiba e tem duas vantagens, em meu ponto de vista: não faz o friozão daí e é banhada de luz durante 99,99% do tempo.