terça-feira, 13 de julho de 2010

The commercial galleries of Curitiba: Tijucas Gallery

The Tijucas Gallery (Luiz Xavier Avenue, 68) is the best known and frequented gallery in Curitiba not only by the notary Marques (opened in the 60s) or to be the access to the the commercial and residential building which gives its name to the gallery, but also because it is the Boca Maldita’s gallery and offer its official coffee at “Cafe da Boca”, which was opened in 1965.

Who lives in Curitiba long, must remember that every day at dusk, a lawyer at the window of his office, used to offer to the city a trumpet presentation. Those who lived close by have become accustomed to that sound and it was very common to see people standing under Tijucas, looking for the musician.

The gallery offers lawyers office, medical clinic, dental, pharmacy, real estate, cafeteria, lottery, shop for perfume, cosmetic, seamstress and tailor, in fact, the only tailor I ever visited in Curitiba used to work in this building. The Tijucas since the 70’s as a bastion of tailors. Among them we will still find Mr. Ferdinando Nardelli, a 74 years old tailor, working at Tijucas since 1958. There are only 18 taylors still working at Tijucas.

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