quarta-feira, 7 de julho de 2010

The silk floss tree of Viviam Calopreso Braga Square

Last Sunday morning on my way to Barigui Park, I passed by Vivian Calopreso Braga Square at Juvevê District. The heavy fog and the lawn of the square completely covered with silk floss, created an uncommon visual in Curitiba. I had to stop to record the moment.
One of the most familiar faces of television journalism in Curitiba during the '80s, was the journalist Vivian Calopreso Braga. In the square that bears her name in Juvevê, there is a sign where you can read the following: "This square honors the Curitiban journalist Vivian Calopreso Braga (1959-1991) whose professinal life was guided by ethics and truth."

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