quinta-feira, 15 de julho de 2010

The commercial galleries of Curitiba: Asa and Osório galleries.

The Asa Gallery is the only one with three access points: by Osório Square, Voluntários da Pátria Street and Dr. Carlos de Carvalho Street. I have lived at Asa Building for over 12 years, so this gallery is the most familiar for me. Hairdressers, Pubs, Travel Agency, a variety stores and three blocks (residential and commercial) guarantee a huge daily movement for the gallery. One of its most known trustees was Dr. Zarur (deceased), responsible for the peculiar visual which remains in the gallery. The gallery opened in 1954.

Gallery General Osorio has 33 stores such as beauty salon, internet café, antique shops, natural products, computer shop, optics, clothing, jewelry and Xerox copies. It links the Osorio Square to Dr. Carlos de Carvalho Street. I remember that at this gallery a huge remote control car model trail existed, which was mounted where there is now a food court. In this gallery operated the barber shop (which no longer exists) that my father attended for decades until his death his barber. The oldest merchant of Osório Square is Mr. Nelson Lehmkhul for over 35 years repairing watches in place.The building belongs to the Demeterco family, neighbor and former owner of the still existing Mercadorama.

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  1. Sounds like you have everything that you will ever need right at your doorstep! I do hope the family maintains the building well though, for your sake and that of all the other tenants.

    I like the sky ceiling, the doorway and the different patterns of the tiles!