terça-feira, 1 de junho de 2010

Theme day: Funny signs

Eventually going to work on Agua Verde Avenue, I used to notice small advertising boards fixed on the poles and traffic lights of a gym called “Monsters Gym”, which calls itself as "the most controversial academy of all times”. What draws attention to these boards are the sentences. They are so absurd that become comical. I think the owners of the gym are good humored people, but a kind of humor that might bother whom takes everything too seriously, because the signs are politically incorrect, as follow three examples:

"For over 10 years turning strips into men."
"Do you want get bigger? Come to MONSTERS GYM. Ops! Do you just want to be cute? Buy a comb!"
"The recipe is simple: Get bigger and get more women."

That last phrase sparked a protest of a group of women in front of the academy, arguing that it denigrates the image of women. Besides the protest, an action was issued requesting the removal of the signs.

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