sábado, 5 de junho de 2010

Blind faith, sharpened knife

In excerpts from the short essay "The religious fanaticism among others " of the Professor Raymundo de Lima, Psychoanalyst, we find the following.

The bigot takes the place of slavery before the absolute master, who can be a god, a secular leader, an ultimate cause or blind faith. Fanaticism is powered by a system of absolute and irrational beliefs that aims to serve a powerful being committed to the fight against Evil. The fanatic does not talk, he makes speeches; ready speeches bears whose purpose is the preaching of a religious or political inculcation of ideas which may turn into an aggressive act.

In Brazil, the religious fanaticism has never had a prominent place in history. There are people who in the name of their faith, are able to donate all their goods, but I think they are a minority. There are in Brazil, other types of fanaticism, as the football that has presented sad and violent scenes (as in Curitiba in the last game of the Brazilian Championship of 2009). But fortunately we do not have to live with religious extremism and terrorism in all its forms. We are (Brazilians) a peaceful people.

The picture of the post was made inside the Cathedral Basilica at Tiradentes Square during the celebration of Corpus Christi.

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