quarta-feira, 9 de junho de 2010

Sunday afternoon at São Lourenço Park - the nature

Visiting the parks of Curitiba is part of the routine of Curitiba. Curitiba has 26 parks and approximately 81 million square meters of preserved green area. There are 55m ² of green area per capita, three times the level recommended by World Health Organization, of 16m ². In Brazil, it is the town where the Atlantic Forest is better preserved.

The São Lourenço Park was opened in 1972 with 204 000 m². It was created after a river flood in 1970, which caused the disruption of a dam, paralyzing a tannery and a glue factory.

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  1. Must be a great place. The first photo is excellent.

  2. The top photo is outstanding for its beauty, color & composition. Congrats!